Name of the Head Clerk:- (with other Staff)
  • Head Clerk- NIL
  • Sri Shyamalendu Biswas- U.D.C.
  • Sri Koushik Daspodder- U.D.C.
  • Sri Rabindra Nath Raha- U.D.C.
  • Sri Dipak Kumar Sarkar- U.D.C.
  • Sri Bimal Kumar Das- Gr-D
  • Contact No. (Office/ Mobile) Office:- 03473-210021, Extension No.- 32
General description :- (not less than 200 words)

This section is located at the first floor of the new administrative building and deal with the work as mentioned below.

Work description (Type of work/ service provided)
  • Preparation of Pay Bill / All arrear Bills of all Staff, Officers, A.P.P. and Executive Officer of Municipality.
  • Preparation of T.A. Bill.
  • Preparation of Bill in respect of WBHS.
  • Preparation of Health Card.
  • Preparation of Sanction order of re-imbursement of bill in respect of WBHS. * Issue receive.
  • Maintenance Case of Sr. Citizen.
  • Preparation of Pension Cases including Family Pension, Life time Pension of unmarried and widow daughter.
  • Maintenance C.L. register.
  • Updation of E.L. & CCL, noting of commuted leave in the service book.
  • Attendance Register Maintenance and Report Return.
  • Preparation of GPF bill
  • Bill including retirement Benefit.
  • Budget estimate, Net grant, Surrender savings statement
  • Increment & Fixation.
  • Maintenance of Allotment register, Bill register.
  • Calculation of Income Tax, Form -16
  • Bills of Municipalities.
  • Preparation of O.P.R.
  • Preparation of Service Verification Report.
  • Preparation of Bill of L.T.C. re-imbursement, Advance & Adjustment
  • ll other works related to Establishment Section.
Different Forms used in the department.

All type of Forms used related to Establishment matter.

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