Nezarath Section

Name of the Depertment / Section :Nezarath Section


Name of the Head Clerk( With other staff ) :
1) Sri Ashis Chatterjee,ASHC Nazir
2) Sri Soumen Singha U.D.C
3) Sri Siddhartha Roy U.D.C


Contact No. ( Office / Mobile ) :
1)Sri Ashis Chatterjee- Mob.No. 9434822725
2)Sri Soumen Singha - Mob.No. 9679429105
3)Sri Siddhartha Roy -Mob.No.9933703799


General Description( Not less than 200 words ) :
Maintance of Cash Book, V.I.P entertainment,Preparation of different bills and disbursement,and Cheque collection from Treasury and despatch.


Work description( Type of work / Services provided ) :
1)Sri Ashis Chatterjee- Maintance of Cash Book, Stock Register of Office & S.D.O Banglow, and Other works.
2)Sri Soumen Singha Preparation of bill and other works
3)Sri Siddhartha Roy Preparation of bill and other works.


Different Form Used Department( Attach Soft Copy ):
T.R Form No. 26,36
Sri Ashis Chatterjee U.D.A Nazir
Nezarath Section, Ranaghat

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