Treasury Section
Name of the Head Clerk

1) Smt. Jayasree Roy, Accountant, Mob-9434551347
2) Smt. Suvra Chatterjee, UDC, Mob-8768346042
3) Sri Haradhan Chakraborty, UDC, Mob-9547642947
4) Sri Nemai Ghosh, UDC, Mob-8001571483
5) Sri Paritosh Sarma, A.S.H.C, Mob-9832266846
6) Sri Kartick Sardar, UDC, Mob-8016626717
7) Sri Shyamal Chakraborty, UDC, Mob-9734319929
8) Smt. Namita Biswas, UDC, Mob-923247233580
9) Smt. Sandhya Saha, UDC, Mob-03473-251068
10) Smt. Jayanti Roy, UDC, Mob-9474611128
11) Sri Asoke Kr. Mitra, UDC, Mob-8436427865
12) Sri Nikesh ch. Kar, Re-employed, Mob-9474040792
13) Sri Swapan Kr. Bannerjee, Re-employed, Mob-9434343627
14) Sri Himanshu Chakraborty, Same, Mob-9531573984
15) Smt. Kalpana Naha(Ghosh), Same, Mob-9333631573
16) Smt. Swaraswati Roy, Same, Mob-9563973354
17) Smt. Anjali Roy, Same, Mob-96793452375
18) Sri Tarapada Sardar, Same, Mob-9775389645
19) Sri Samir Roy Karmakar, Group ‘D’, Mob-9231882185
20) Smt. Basanti Biswas, Group ‘D’, Mob-7797759480

Contact No. ( Office / Mobile ) : 03473-210205

General Description

Sanction Strength


1) Accountant-1
2) Additional Accountant-1
3) UDC-20
4) LDC-22
5) Record Keeper-1
6) Group-d”-7

Existing Staff
1) Accountant-1
2) Additional Accountant-1
3) UDC-10
4) LDC-Nil
5) Record Keeper-1
6) Group-d”-2

There are 5(five) Treasuries in Nadia District started as NA Treasury Code. Ranaghat treasury is one of them and most important. One Treasury Officer and two Additional Treasury Officers (Pension & Cheque) are posted to look after the work of Treasury. 88 nos. of D.D.Os under this treasury. All State Govt. officers including Colleges, Hospitals, Municipalities and Judges Court etc. under Ranaghat Sub-Division are passed their Pay Bills and different type of bills from this treasury. After passing the bills cheques are issued to the respective D.D.Os. Pension matter i.e. State Pension & Education Pension are also done here. There is one strong Room with double Lock where the valuable documents, Non Judicial Stamp and Court Fees etc are kept in this strong room for safe custody. Question Papers of Madhyamick and Uccha Madhyamik Examination are also preserve before the examinations in Strong room.It is a banking Traeasury.The State Bank of India, Ranaghat works as the representative of Reserve Bank of India. All the cash transaction in favour of government Account both receipt and payment are made by the Bank. The code of Ranaghat Traeasury is NAD allotted by Directorate of Treasuries & Accounts, West Bengal. Monthly Accounts are prepare to submit the same to Accountant General of West Bengal by 5th of the next month.

Work description( Type of work / Services provided )

Bill receiving, Bill Passing. Pension Payment, Stamp issue, cheque issue and various kind of work related Treasury matter.

Different Form Used Department( Attach Soft Copy )

T.R Form no 1 to 67

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